flowerbeam turned 4 today!

flowerbeam turned 4 today!

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i adore miranda kerr.

i adore miranda kerr.

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I WANT AN underwater camera.

I WANT AN underwater camera.

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Last night I switched the dates on sem break tickets. Leaving on the 18th now instead of the 29th. I don’t know why I didn’t just book em for the 18th to begin with. Maybe because they don’t list the DAMN exam schedule until the end of the week right before the actual exams start. 

Anyway… I freakin hope staying home for 12 more days extra is worth the money I paid for the ticket change. looool…. nah it’s whatev.

anyway, Why do you always go home?! - (I ask myself)

It’s simple really.
1. FOOD… local food. It’s just that awesome.
2. It’s freakin Hawaii.
3. Oh and okay, my two monkey yorkies miss me. :D 

BLEH! It’s all your FAULT food.


I freakin got this today. I’ve been eyeing this little gadget for the past few weeks. I’m very pleased with it. Probably the most major thing I’ve splurged on this year. Aside from plane tickets. -AHEM-
But I’m happy with it. Got it with my own hard earned money which makes things even better. Learning to not depend on my parent’s moohlah (like my other siblings aka cockroaches aka parasites) lmao.

I’m in love with it.
I love the stylus.
I’m naturally a pen and paper kind of person anyway.  

Plus it’s a phone+tablet.. (been drooling over getting a new ipad since my ipad 1 is clearly outdated) 
I just hope my mom’s not too jealous. :D

She has the note 1. buahah. Who’s the most tech savvvvy now? :P 

beauty ful.

beauty ful.

shopwardrobelust said: Hi I came across your haul post and loved it, we actually ordered the same blue knot dress! i'm actually working on getting together a submission type post for my site, like show off your haul kinda thing! Let me know if you do another.

definitely! i love your hauls ! followed back :)

retro bikini

so I got this bikini online at Topshop earlier this week. You know how I’ve always wanted to try out a retro bikini. I’m really into patterns and such, and loved this bikini so I had to get it , even though I have no idea how it’ll look with my body shape etc.. but hopefully it’s okay. Cross my fingers. It’ll be my first retro bikini. 

diy shorts

once i get home i’m cutting up a few of my jeans and making jean shorts.

I just finished epilating my pits.

  • boy: do me next
  • me: you can't handle the pain.
  • boy: yes i can, do my balls then.
  • -___-
I effin love her eyebrows.

I effin love her eyebrows.

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